Saturday, October 17, 2009

Huntington Library


A few months back, I heard that the 50th annual Orchid Show would be held in Los Angeles instead of Santa Barbara and today was the day. I arrived around 1 and had a few hours to visit the orchid show as well as the rest of the park.

Having purchased some new equipment and a new camera bag, I decided to bring everything with me. The bag turned out to be quite heavy and the hot weather in the upper 80s didn't help. Despite the discomforts, I had a blast shooting the orchids and the park. This is one of the shots that I got while dragging my feet and dreading having to get back out in the sun :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Odd tree in Venice


Odd tree in Venice, originally uploaded by fiercekttn.

After walking around at a festival in Venice, I decided to head over to the beach. I thought that I knew the general direction and didn't need to check the map. After wandering around for an hour, I realized that maybe I should have checked the map after all. Turned out that it was the diagonal streets that confused me. During that hour, I ran acorss these odd looking trees.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Funny animals in Venice


Grumpy dog, originally uploaded by fiercekttn.

I was wandering around at the Abbot Kinney Festival last week looking for interesting subjects to shoot. I spotted this dog and couldn't resist snapping a picture of him. Every time I'd point my camera at him, he'd turn his head away. Finally, after several attempts I snapped a shot. I think he was embarrassed of his under bite.

Alpaca, originally uploaded by fiercekttn.

Later that day, cutting through the festival on my way back to the car, I saw a petting zoo. This alpaca reminded me of the dog. LOL

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