Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Facebook Access in Vietnam


I know it's my travel blog, but I'd like to post a solution to a problem that many people will face when traveling in countries that block access to specific sites. Vietnam, as well as a few other countries block access to social networking sites such as facebook. I found a way to make it work on my laptop with OSX.

  1. Download firefox if you don't have it already
  2. Download Tor Vidalia (it will hide your IP):
  3. Install the TorButton by double clicking the "Install TorButton for Firefox" shortcut in the downloaded Tor package or install it from Firefox extensions.
  4. Run Vidalia and when its icon in the the doc turns green, click the Tor button in your firefox so that it says "Tor enabled" in a green font.
  5. Then enjoy your facebook! :)

Tor also has free installers for windows and linux machines. For public computer use, tor has a pre-configured self-contained browser that can be installed onto a usb drive. All downloads can be found here:


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