Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Station fire flames and smoke


When the fire started, I saw a mushroom shaped cloud of smoke in the distance, north off the 101. I drove to the highest point I could find near my apartment, but the cloud didn't look the same. The following day, my co-workers were disappointed that I had no pictures to show. I decided that my best bet was to head towards the fire instead of away this time. Unfortunately, my first attempt was a failure, but I returned again the following day, this time with a friend. I wanted to get some shots of the residential areas near the fire so, when cruising through a hillside neighborhood and spotting a man in his backyard, I jumped out of the car and approached him. He seemed very worried and cautious when I got close. I introduced myself and asked him if I could possibly use his back yard to shoot the smoke. After negotiations, my "assistant" and I were allowed to photograph for about 5 minutes. This was my best shot from the back yard in La CaƱada.
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